“We are keen “Birdies” and in just two hours, we saw 9 new varieties of birds we’d never seen or photographed before to add to our album of nearly 300 species. We were amazed by the beauty of the Daintree and its stunning scenery. We saw not only the birds, but also tree snakes, a Papuan Frogmouth, plants
and trees of all shapes and sizes. Thank you Daintree River Experience for truly wonderful service.”  

Michael Addis and Catherine Weightman and their children Thomas, Holley and Christopher joined a Sunrise Cruise during a recent visit from their home at Huntingdon near Cambridge in the UK.

Sunrise Cruising

Get up with the birds and experience the peace and coolness of the early morning on our Sunrise Cruise. smell the freshness of the rainforest in the rising mist, see the wildlife warming up, getting moving, starting to feed and hear the birds without the roar of the traffic.

 At this time of day witness perfect reflections in the river and its tributaries and make the most of the soft light for stunning photographs. A great way to start the day!